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Training Sessions

Brent now offers personalized training sessions geared specifically toward the client’s need. Topics include: Basic Camera Operation, On Camera Flash Techniques, Studio Lighting Techniques, Individual and Group Posing, Post-Processing Techniques, Adobe Photoshop Instruction, and Adobe Lightroom Instruction. Prices start at $100 per hour. Contact to book.

Studio Rental

Photographers in need of studio space can rent by the hour. Indoor space and background included for $50 per hour. Studio strobe lights, remote triggers, and modifiers included for an additional $50 per hour ($100 total). 24 hour access. For discounts on larger blocks of time, or to book at time, please contact.

Equipment Rental

Photographers who would like to try out specialized lighting equipment, from on camera flashes to studio strobes and ringlights, including modifiers, gels, and relectors, please contact for a quote.